Best Waterproof Matches With Longer Stick & Burn Timer

Best Waterproof Matches With Longer Stick & Burn Timer

During camping, hiking, or any exploring traveler journey, the worst mistake you can do is to carry casual matchsticks with you. Well, I know you will not make the same mistake as you had searched for the best waterproof matches.

If you have searched for this, you already know the weather conditions and want to save yourself from a bad experience.

No more worries; I will state the best waterproof matches I have ever tried. All you need is to stick with us till the end.

5 Best Water and Stormproof Matches

Using a stormproof match for your next windy or watery travel journey is the best thing you can do for yourself. Meanwhile, several sizes, brands, and quality options are available in the market. That’s where the choice becomes difficult. But this is where I’m also here to save you with my top picks of waterproof matches I have experienced so far.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into it.

 eGreen bushcraft emergency service container:

One of the best waterproof matches or fire survival kits I have experienced was eGreen bushcraft which is available in multiple pack options. Whether you get a pack of 2,3, or even 5, each container has 18 matchsticks that are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about an emergency. You can carry it during any emergency storm or weather conditions. The matchstick can burn up to 10 to 15 seconds as each is around 2.6 inches long.

However, it’s worth knowing that you must use a bit of force while drawing the match. Meanwhile, you should never place the matchstick in the sun for the long run. Furthermore, I encourage you not to place the matchstick near the fire. Overall, you may find the container out of quality, but the matchstick’s quality is worth the price.

UCO safety waterproof matches:

Another useful addition of emergency equipment to my luggage is UCO waterproof matchsticks. I have used it multiple times, and it never disappointed me, and I truly love the quality. I loved its burning time, which was quite long compared to my expectations because the size was a little shorter than other matchsticks on my list. But, you must be careful while trying to burn them up as they are lightweight. The box and the strikes of UCO matchsticks were water resistant.

Furthermore, each budgeted waterproof matchstick I got was a bit short in length with a smaller tip. But UCO safety waterproof matches have served the purpose without getting high on my pocket. And getting 40 premium quality waterproof matches at this budgeted price is appreciable. However, it would work best to keep these matchsticks in a tight jar box to increase lifespan.

Coghlan’s waterproof matches pack of 4:

If I’m talking about the best waterproof matches, leaving Coghlan’s will not be worth the list, as it’s one of the best brands out there. They were one of the finest matchsticks’ I had experienced with their waterproof quality strikes. The quality, water persistence, and strikes were far better than expected. It is not wrong if I say it was the best of all. Once, I had soaked the sticks into the water, and I was amazed to see that they just got wet, but surprisingly, they just got dry far better and faster than I was expecting.

Each box of Coghlan’s will come up with 40 waterproof matches, including the whole waterproof strikers and heads. However, if you expect that a waterproof match should be lightweight, then it won’t be possible. Coghlan’s is your solution whether you are a hunter, camper, or just an avid traveler.

eGreen waterproof fire starter:

I was satisfied with my first eGreen bushcraft emergency survival container purchase, so I got their one magnesium match. The container size of these matches was incredible as it was around 3.9 inches wide, 5.5 long, and, of course, with an outclass in-depth of 1.9. However, each matchstick was around 2.6 inches long, and the plastic container and a serial cap will protect your matches from heat, sun, and rain so that you can use them in the long run.

It doesn’t matter whether you are about to take your next hiking, camping, backpacking, or any outdoor trip eGreen will truly serve the purpose with their money-back jumbo waterproof matches.

I would still not recommend keeping these matches in the sun or heat. However, you have to use force while you draw. Remember, each set will consist of 6 magnesium bags, a free tin container, 18 waterproof matches, and a box. Mentioning the magnesium in it, it’s worth stating that it has enough so you can easily take out some and practice blowing the matchsticks. It will be fun, though.

Zippo Typhoon waterproof match kit:

Finding the best waterproof matchstick that also serves the purpose of longer burn time is daunting. But, I solved this hassle as in my list Zippo Typhoon is included with a burnup timer of around 30 seconds. Undoubtedly, Zippo Typhoon is your best bet with great quality. You can even get quality strikes as it can still burn while getting soaked into the water. However, they will burn up only when struck on their strike pad, adding more safety elements than others.

So far, I just loved both chambers and lids. The storage box or chamber is solidly constructed and in an O shape. With ease to carry, Zippo Typhoon has won my heart as it has attachments at the top with which you can even carry it in the pocket.

The Bottom Line:

Although other options are also available to create fire during travel, using a waterproof matchstick is highly recommended for any starter. That’s why you must choose the best waterproof matches to get the best out of your buck. As I stated, my tested top choices so you won’t have to face worry anymore. Choose any of them as all are best and enjoy your journey. 


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