4 Best Travel Backpacks For Petite Females With Buying Guide

4 Best Travel Backpacks For Petite Females With Buying Guide

Once, I was travelling; I saw a woman with a height of around 5’3, a short torso, and narrow shoulders. In a nutshell, you can consider her a petite woman. But what makes me wonder is that she was not carrying an appropriate bag. She struggled a lot, and we talked, and she was just like, what is the best travel backpack for a petite female?

So, you are also a small petite woman who is looking for a travel backpack made for her, right? So, don’t worry; I will share some of the best travel backpacks for petite women in today’s guide. I’m still using them and recommend adding them to the list too. Deeper dive, you would also know some of the key features and pros and cons that I have noticed so far. So, let’s dig in.

Best Travel Backpacks for Petite Women 2023:

It’s never been easy for a solo traveller to find a backpack made with petite females to specifically meet their needs. But, this will not be a further worry as here I have compiled a list of some of the best travel backpacks for petite women so that you can get a comfortable bag and the best purchase for your buck.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into it.

1- Osprey Sirrus 36 Women Backpack

Osprey Sirrus 36 Women Backpack

Osprey launched its backpack in 2017 and kept on improving their deals. Osprey Sirrus is one of the best travel backpacks for petite females who keep travelling. For example, if some travellers always take short or long trips on and off, then osprey Sirrus must be your pick. So, whether you are looking for a trip of one or two days or a couple of weeks, you can keep this bag with you, and it can even be a go-to bag for you.

What I just loved about this bag is that it’s lightweight, and the frame was built so strongly that it can help adjust the weight in a balanced way. Furthermore, its suspended backpack is so comfortable that it can adjust the weight so that the weight feels much less than it actually is. That’s why it works best for solo travellers who must carry their bags along the way.


  • The integrated rain cover will help you to protect your luggage when the weather turns.
  • Come up with a hip belt and zipper pockets on it so you can keep your essentials and snacks in accessible way.
  • Its smartly built zipper pockets will help you to stay organized and to get access to luggage with ease.
  • Come up in 3 different colours to choose from.
  • Osprey Sirrus offers an adjustable torso length to perfectly customize to your needs.
  • Provide extra room to keep clothing, sweaters, or even heavier coats.
  • The ventilated backpack will help you stay cooler compared to the regular one.


  • Great quality with organized zippers
  • The integrated rain cover will keep it protected
  • Adjustable S-shaped shoulder straps


  • It might not work for broader shoulders.


2-Osprey tempest 40 Travel Backpack for Women

Osprey tempest 40 Travel Backpack for Women

Osprey has designed the Tempest 40 by keeping in mind the multi-day travellers. The needs of a multi-traveller are quite different from a day-light or one-day traveller. They must have to carry more essentials. That’s why if you have a short torso and are looking for the best travel backpack for petite females, then the Osprey tempest 40 must be your pick. With this, you can keep the luggage for 1 to 3 days in an organized manner.

One of the best things I love about these petite female travel backpacks is the stow-on-the-go and bio-stretch harnesses. Moreover, it’s specifically made with recycled nylon material, increasing its durability. So, once you get this pick, you will be able to use this back for years. I prefer this backpack for petite females over Osprey Sirrus because it has an adjustable harness system that lets you adjust the bag for various torso lengths. Meanwhile, the Sirrus lacked this facility and were capable of short torsos where tempest 40 can be adjusted for any torso length.


  • It has two side pockets on both sides that will help you keep the water bottle or other smaller essentials in an accessible way.
  • Come up with an adjustable shoulder harness to keep the tightness at your convenience.
  • Tempest offers sleeping pad straps that are removable too.
  • Mesh backpack to stay cooler despite carrying the weather conditions.
  • Built with strong material that increases its durability.
  • The horizontal straps will help you adjust the weight and pull it closer to your body.
  • Waist pockets are large and accessible enough to carry snacks and other essentials.


  • Durable and Comfortable.
  • Large packing capacity.
  • Works best even in hot weather.


  • Rain covers are not included in it so it might cost extra

3-Gregory Deva 70 XS

Gregory Deva 70 XS

Since I have told you some of the best travel backpacks made for shorter trips for a petite female, what if you wish to have a trip of more than a week and also want to go with your family or friends? In that case, you must need a comfortable bag for long trips that is comfortable enough to help you carry more luggage. Gregory Deva 70 XS is the best pick you may have to get the best buck out of your purchase.

I have tried multiple bags of this brand, but Deva remains my favourite. What I like the most is its suspension system and ability to carry weight. Moreover, it has adjustable shoulder straps hip belt to make your backpack perfectly fit around your back. Since it has 9 external zippers and a front u-shape compartment with a side pocket to carry a water bottle, it’s not an ideal deal for a left-hander due to its one-sided pocket to carry a water bottle and other essentials.


  • Available in 4 different colours to choose from.
  • It comes up with a rain cover on a zipper pocket to quickly access whenever needed.
  • Gregory deva has a 3D hip belt that will increase comfort by elevating the pressure on both sides.
  • The foaming constructions of shoulder harnesses make it more comfortable.
  • Come up with an aluminium frame that helps to keep the backpack in a consistent shape and helps to reduce back strain.
  • It has multiple zippers and compartments where the front u-shape zip provides easy access to the main contents of the bag.
  • The suspension system would let you feel less weight than you are 
  • carrying.


  • Extremely comfortable on the shoulders.
  • Best for long trips.
  • Capable of carrying 30-35 lbs in it.
  • Made with great quality material.


  • A little bit heavy but works best as you have to carry more


4-Gregory jade 28  Backpack

Gregory jade 28  Backpack

Since I had listed the best travel backpacks for petite women, the problem occurs when they get out of the budget, right? Well, no more worries as you landed there, so here I also have a solution. Gregory Jade 28 is the best-budgeted pick you can have. It offers all the premium features that a premium bag has but on the money. Works best for shorter on-the-go trips, but if you do the peck well, you can even use it for longer trips. Moreover, it has an increased lifespan if you don’t overpack or overstuff it.

Like the Gregory Deva, Gregory jade 28 also has an incredible suspension system and design. Among its premium features, the u-zip stays there even at this price. One of the most important things I love about Gregory Jade is that it offers body-hugging features. Through this, your bag will be customized and flexed automatically according to your body’s natural movement. So, what else could a petite female wish for?


  • Come up with a dual-layer bottom panel which increases its lifespan and provides additional durability.
  • The 3D hip belt moves around your hip according to your body movement and provides extra comfort. 
  • Also has a space between your back and the pack through which the air can easily pass down, which will let your bag cool down even in the hottest weather conditions.
  • It has small-sized pockets that will let you store and organize the smaller essentials in an organized way.
  • The rain cover is included in it so that you won’t have to worry despite the change in weather conditions.


  • Best for a long day hike or travel.
  • Adjustable frame and hip belt.
  • Plenty of room available in it.


  • The straps might get stretchy

What to look for in the Best Backpack for Petite Females?

Here are the 4 best travel backpacks for petite females, but how about if you didn’t find the perfect one and want to know how you can choose a perfect backpack for a petite female? So, no worries, here we have a short guide for what you should look for while choosing the best travel backpack for petite females.  

1- Consider your torso length:

The first thing you should check in the best travel backpack for petite females is your torso length. That’s why before considering any of the backpacks for petite females, make sure to measure the torso because everyone has a different length. That’s why don’t assume your torso length depends on your height. Take some time to measure your torso and get the perfect fit travel backpack according to your needs.

Why not purchase a backpack with adjustable length features? Remember, it’s a great feature to help you out but doesn’t rely on it too much. Because you can be a short person with a relatively taller torso or a short person with a taller torso, you choose the best travel backpack for petite females. Considering the torso size rather than the adjustability feature could help you get a better experience with your purchase.

2- Weight of the Backpack:

The second most important factor you should check while purchasing a backpack is its weight. It’s often said that lightweight backpacks are best. But remember, this is not the case at all. If a backpack is lightweight, it doesn’t mean it’s always best, even if it can be a bad idea, because a lightweight bag may not be durable or compatible enough to carry or load the weight around your back equally.

3- Pricing:

Considering the factors of purchasing a backpack but leaving pricing un-touches would be unfair because pricing highly influences your decision. That’s why you should check your budget before looking for the options available on the go.

Remember, If a backpack is expensive, it doesn’t mean it will be a good choice. By checking each feature, you can even make a budget choice but with all top-level features.

4- Consider return policy:

Checking the return policy is a must while purchasing a backpack. You never know whether a backpack will be comfortable until you try it. That’s why, instead of wasting your money around, check the return policy of the brand you are about to purchase.

5- Identify the purpose:

The last but not the minor factor you should check while making any purchasing decision is to identify your needs. Whether you are planning to travel shorter distances or longer? Moreover, make sure to check your location too. It highly influences your packing capacity; you must identify the purpose and area.

If you need to stay more than a week, you need larger bags, but if you wish for a long day trip, a shorter bag could also work. Which areas will you explore, and how many days would it take? All these should be answered before considering any purchase.

The Bottom-Line:

As you are stuck with me till the end, you picked up the best travel backpack for petite females. Still, if you are confused, I have tried all these, and they are just amazing, and you can try them. Furthermore, while making a purchase, don’t forget to analyze your needs and the purpose of the trip. Once you get the answer to all these, you must be able to pick the best travel backpack for petite females. 

Don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comment section. Which one have you tried, and how’s your experience with it?

Till Next!


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