5 Best kids travel Backpack (For Everyone)

5 Best kids travel Backpack (For Everyone)

So, are you ready to take your kids with you on your next exploring journey? Wait, have you chosen a travel backpack? If not, stay there, as I have an exquisite alternative: a kid’s travel backpack rather than the wheeled or family backpack. I had tried all these for my kid and found them the best. That’s why I have stated some key features, pros and cons I have noticed. Still using some of them and recommend that you should too. So, let’s find out together some of the best kids travel backpacks for 2023.  

5 Best Travel Backpacks For Kids Available in the Market:

I recommend using a kid’s travel backpack rather than the regular one. So, let me tell you that I have explored over 100 plus countries with my son. And it would be the best investment if you chose a travel backpack for your kid separately. This will allow your kid to take the necessary snacks, toys, or other supplies at his command. One of the advantages of having the best travel backpack for kids is that you can also share your load with your kid as kids are exploring nature, so they won’t mind doing it.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in and find some of the best travel backpacks for kids of all ages – toddlers to teens.

1-Deuter Kikki Kid’s Backpack

A kid aged 3 years or up is often more exploring. They enjoy sharing their luggage and space and love carrying their essentials alone. If you have a kid at 3, Deuter kikki is your best travel backpack. The design is so adorable that your kid would love it. Moreover, it comes in different bright or low light colours to spot them on point while playing or doing other activities. The colour availability also makes a choice much easier to choose according to your kid’s taste.

It is available in different sleek dragon, rabbit or dog styles. I remember while my son was using it I had got it in a rabbit style, and he just really loved the design of it. One of the best things about the Deuter kiki kids travels backpack is its soft shoulder straps. Furthermore, the availability of plenty of space would let your kid store many more essentials.


  • Deuter kiki is approved by bluesign, which means it is designed to meet the needs of you and your environment.
  • Come up with side pockets where your kid can keep their water to stay hydrated.
  • Plenty of room is available to store many more essentials than required.
  • Made with 100% recycled material and 600D PES, it is lightweight and easy for your little kid to carry.
  • It has S-shaped and padded shoulder straps that are adjustable too, which will help your kid carry a lot more and be even more comfortable.
  • Your kid can set clothes and random toys essentials by themselves.


  • It can be used as a preschool bag
  • Offers lifetime guarantee
  • Durable and lightweight to carry for years.


  • Size descriptions could be improved because it varies.

 2- CHERUBIC kids toddler backpack:

CHERUBIC offers one of the best kids travel backpacks, especially for toddler kids, even if you want to go to a park, museum, or theme park. This bag could be a go-to bag for your child. Though this might seem like a cute little backpack for toddlers, it provides enough room for your kid to carry many essentials. Moreover, its 2 zipper pockets would let them easily access the snacks, toys, or colours.

The zippers are easy to pull, so your little kid’s hands won’t hurt, and you can easily pull them. The different colour choices and the sleek and stylish design make it usable for both girls and boys. A dinosaur is made on it in different colours. Someone had gifted this bag to my baby, and I just loved it.


  • A cute dinosaur design is being made on it with different colours.
  • It has many zippered pockets, and side pockets are also available to carry water bottles.
  • Made with nylon fabric, it is lightweight, durable and easy to clean.
  • Come up with front and back zipper pockets that would make the little essentials, just like a pencil or handkerchief lot easier.
  • The inner material of the bag had a polyester cotton lining.
  • It has adjustable shoulder straps, which offer more comfort while carrying it.
  • The ventilated mesh material is enough to provide breathable back support and comfort.


  • Affordable pick
  • Super cute design
  • Good quality on price


  • Not large enough to carry books

3- Osprey Jet 18 kid’s travel backpack

Osprey Jet 18 kid's travel backpack

Osprey Jet 18 is a premium pick in the best kids travel backpack list. This backpack’s premium features and key essentials make it an every kids travel partner. Osprey is a trusted and leading brand, so no wonder it stays on our list with their Jet 18. This bag is for those kids who are large enough to carry their essentials alone. That’s why I highly recommend this bag to kids between 8 and 14 who are comfortable enough to carry their luggage.

What makes this backpack special is that it has enough room to carry clothes, sacks, and an extra pair of shoes. Moreover, its waist straps are comfortable enough to carry more essentials easily. Many zipper pockets are available to help your kid stay organized and find essentials whenever needed. My kid has used this backpack for both a long day trip and a weekend trip, too, and it works well for both.


  • Small zippered pockets help to keep the mini essentials organized.
  • Come up with dual side pockets to keep your water bottles.
  • With easy access to the main compartment, you can easily access the essentials.
  • The back panel is ventilated enough and made with mesh material to get the needed comfort.
  • Certified GRS but recycled material being used in the construction.
  • This backpack is stitched well and appears to be durable enough
  • It comes up with a hip belt that will let your kid carry even heavier luggage easily.


  • Lots of room with nicer pockets
  • My kid had never complained about it as it’s comfortable enough.


  • None

4- Skip HopZoo backpack

Skip Hoop offers one of the best travel backpacks for kids. Though this backpack is large enough and incapable of carrying much, it’s good for those kids who want to help. That’s why it’s also called a toddler backpack. So, I used this bag when my kid was just a toddler, as he could not carry it any more. That’s why it’s a perfect size you can give your kid just because she wants to help or start the travel journey. You can easily keep this bag on your roller bag; once your kid gets tired.

It has padded shoulder straps that are adjustable too. That’s why with a pair of perfect sizing, Skip Hoop remains one of the best kids travel backpacks for 2 to 4 years. More precisely, Skip Hoop has designed this backpack so that a toddler can comfortably hold his juice box, snacks, or water bottle.


  • Plenty of pockets are available in it. The front pockets are ideal for snacks or other little essentials like coloured pencils, etc.
  • It has comfortable shoulder straps, so your toddler won’t feel hurt wearing it.
  • The size of 8.5×11 is just a perfect fit for a kid around 2 to 4 years old.
  • The Skip hoop also had side pockets to keep the water bottle.
  • Available in cute styling themes of rainbow, rockets or even robots.
  • Built in such a way that it can be used as an alternative to diaper bag – considered to be 2 in 1


  • Specifically designed for little kids
  • Perfect fit for kids around 3 years
  • Durable


  • Cute but a little small

5- Mountaintop kids backpack for girls and boys

Getting a lightweight backpack for their kid is the ultimate need of every parent. With that, if a bag offers a feature capable of men and women, it could be an ideal pick. And MOUNTAINTOP has all you need. So, Mountaintop’s travel backpack will be your ideal pick for your kid as it’s lightweight on his little shoulder and can be used by both a baby girl and a boy. It’s not only lightweight or durable but also has a water-resistant feature. So, while you will travel, you won’t have to face any more issues with the weather.

The zipper compartments are easily accessible and can be easily pulled. However, it also has a two-sided mesh bottle holder that will keep your kid hydrated even on travel. Let me tell you one more amazing thing; this backpack is so organized that even your toddler can carry it with her in preschool sessions. So, it’s a multipurpose bag. Isn’t it?


  • Come up with a main zipper compartment and a front zipper tag to keep tiny essentials on the go.
  • Made with polyester, it’s easy to clean and water-resistant too.
  • The Mountaintop has an ideal size of around 8.82oz. That’s why it’s perfect for the kid while going to kindergarten, a theme park or a zoo.
  • Its zips are solid and sturdy enough that they can’t be broken easily over time.
  • It has S-shape shoulder straps that help your kid ventilate while wearing.
  • The straps are adjustable according to your kid’s back and comfort size.


  • Made with durable material
  • Several organized pockets
  • Designed well


  • Pocket sizes can be increased, especially water bottles.

What Do I Recommend?

As I have stated, here are my 5 best picks for kids travel backpacks, but if you are still confused and want from me, I have personally tried. So, which one should you get? All are designed keeping the needs of kid travel in mind. So, it doesn’t matter which one you pick. All are good. One specific recommendation of mine is Osprey Jet 18. I’m still using it and am highly satisfied with the quality they provide at such a price.


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