5 Best Climbing Chalk (Achieve Success with Ultimate Grip)

5 Best Climbing Chalk (Achieve Success with Ultimate Grip)

According to a study, chalk increases the grip by up to 20%. That’s why while climbing, the best climbing chalk, along with the surface and structure, is all you need to make a difference.

However, how you would find the best climbing chalk is the concern every climber searches for. 

Don’t worry; I have tried several climbing chalks and found these 5 best ones

To save yourself from any bad experience and to make a well-informed decision and the best buck for your purchase, all you need is to stick with us till the end, as specific options in the market are just hyped and not worth trying.

So, without further ado, let’s find the best climbing chalk.

Black Diamond White Gold Rock Climbing Chalk:

For me, black diamond climbing chalk offers the best grip with compatibility to drying your hands.

However, specific cheaper options are still available in the market, but spending a few more bucks is worth this. Furthermore, it’s not expensive as it will provide the best combination of money and quality. 

For example, the desired texture of a black gold diamond could vary according to your choice. Conversely, the white gold rock climbing chalk offers the best combination of small and medium-sized chunks, making it the best choice for beginners and ambitious climbers. 

I just loved how this chalk just sticks to my fingers. All I need is to break the crumbles, which is relatively easy even with my fingers; I could do it quickly. However, this might not be your best pick if you are a climber who prefers a softer texture.

It’s worth mentioning – to get a good amount of it, you have to rub the chalk a bit more on your palms. You need to purchase a more extensive package to get good chunks, as a more petite package doesn’t include enough chunks and would probably consist of fine powder. 

Meanwhile, it’s the most suitable climbing chalk for indoor or outdoor climbing and daily use.

Friction Lab Gorilla Power Rock Climbing Chalk:

For a long-lasting grip, friction lab is the best bet to get the best grip and keep your hands dry for longer. 

What makes the friction climbing chalk different from others is its material. 

For example, the brand claims they have the most calcium carbonate in their chalk bag and the best amount of magnesium and carbonates. This ultimately results in better moisture-absorbing power. 

Consider it a premium choice, but this chalk was also needed to chalk up less, reducing the cost compared to other options. 

It also provides a better and ridged coating to fingers. 

Still, if you consider it a premium choice, pair it up with a refillable chalk ball. It will not only reduce your costs but will also help you to reduce the dust inside the climbing gym. 

One of the worth mentioning point is that friction lab gorilla power rock climbing chalk will prevent your hands from getting dry. Most other brands in the market don’t have pigment-free chalk, which usually results in drying or damaging the skin.

TRANGO Gunpowder Climbing Chalk:

Do you also hate dipping your fingers repeatedly in the bag to get a coating? 

Trango gunpowder climbing chalk is here to save you from this hassle. Its coating is made of magnesium carbonates and is perfectly ground to the best level. This will help you to get a lasting coating, and you won’t have to dip your fingers often. 

For example, you hardly need to re-chalk once or twice.

Furthermore, it is also one of the best suitable chalk for both surfaces – casual and focused pitch. On both, you will get the best-needed grip to achieve success. 

Compared to other options, Trango has long-lasting and better coverage to minimize my budget and meet my needs. It also has a nice smooth feel and doesn’t make the hands cracky even after the long climbing sessions. 

I would certainly prefer Trango as it coats more evenly on my hands and has no drying agents. 

So, Trango gunpowder climbing chalk must be your go-to choice, especially if you are a budget-oriented person with sweaty hands.

Metolius Super Chalk 2.5 Gallon Bucket

Another best climbing chalk of my choice is Metolius super chalk. 

What makes it best is its perfect blend of fine powder and chunks. It will also provide maximum sweat absorption due to using the highest quality magnesium and the abundance of 100% needed magnesium carbonates. 

It is specifically formulated for rock climbing and is available in different sizes. 

For example, if you want to use it in bulk and don’t want to purchase it repeatedly – The Metolius serves you with its range of packaging and sizing options. You can even get a 2.5 or 5-gallon bucket to serve you in the long run. 

Furthermore, it has a zipper bag, so the packaging is resealable for convenient use. 

While choosing Motolium, you must mind whether you need perfectly ground chalk or little chunks. It was unsuitable because I usually prefer chalk with little chunks while climbing. So, I just gave it to one of my friends, and he just absolutely loved it. 

Remember, he also had sweaty hands, so Metolius provided the best absorption and needed grip.

FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball:

Another product of Friction Lab on my list is its magic chalk ball that does the same as chalk powder but will provide you with a better approach if you are allergic to dust. 

So, if you quickly get allergic to dust clouds developed with chalk powder, you must prefer chalk balls.

The fun fact is it is also a cheaper option than liquid or loose chalks. That’s why if you are budget-oriented, chalk balls can also be your go-to choice and serve you the best purpose. 

Friction lab magic chalk balls are also skin-friendly as it’s made of non-toxic and silica-free material. It is also suitable for all skin types and equally suitable for adults, kids, or elders. 

It’s worth mentioning that they will provide you with the ultimate grip on various surfaces and help you keep your hands dry, even in sweat, rain, humidity, or oil. 

However, the best part is it’s refillable. 

The Bottom Line:

To conclude, comparing the chalks is bit complicated. However, based on the sweat protection, grip, material, and safety towards hands, I have listed the 5 best climbing chalks. 

Now, it’s entirely up to you which one you choose as all are best.

However, while choosing any of them, you must consider your preferences and budget to get the best. 

Meanwhile, I recommend getting black diamond white gold or friction lab gorilla power to meet your needs best. 

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