Best Baby Monitor for Travel – Audio, Video And Tilted

Best Baby Monitor for Travel - Audio, Video And Tilted

Traveling with your kid is undoubtedly challenging as they often have difficulty sleeping in unfamiliar environments. But this hassle can be solved easily with the help of the best baby monitor for travel.

Especially if you are getting an apartment or hotel bedroom where you have a balcony too, and the chances are you might go there and won’t see or hear your baby stir, then a baby monitor can save you so that you can get your kid back to sleep before they are fully awake.

Honestly, it’s not necessary to get a baby monitor while traveling, especially if you have just one room where you can easily see and hear your child either stir or not. But it’s always a good idea; it helps your kid sleep comfortably. That’s why in today’s guide, I will talk about the best travel baby monitor that will help you monitor your baby in all conditions.

So, let’s dig in.

4 Best Baby Monitor for Travel in 2023:

Though a variety of baby monitors are available in the market, it isn’t easy to recognize the best one. But, no more worries, read on to find my top picks for a baby monitor for travel. I compiled this list by considering the price, size, durability, weight, size, battery life, essential features, and pros and cons.

So, let’s solve this ambiguity and find the best baby monitor for travel.

1-    Eufy space view pro video baby monitor:

Baby monitor

Watching your baby day or night is made possible by Eufy space view pro video baby monitor with which you can keep track of your kid’s every activity. And can capture all the magic moments with the help of 720 clarity and sharpness. It also has a pan and tilt-up option to help you remotely track your baby’s room with a display unit. With its 5 inches wider and bigger screen, you will be able to see the outside environment of the baby and can assure complete peace of mind.

The Eufy pro is one of our premium picks, but it also has a bigger battery with which you can easily keep track of your kid for longer hours. In other words, due to the space view feature, they added a bigger battery that will last longer, for around 13 hours. But, remember, this feature has also made Eufy pro bulkier, so it’s not an easy-to-carry option. Furthermore, it can be operated on a local video feed so you won’t need a Wi-Fi connection anymore.


  • Offering a clear night vision to check your baby’s movements in low lights.
  • Create a camera pan with 330-degree coverage to see every corner of your kid’s room from floor to ceiling.
  • Due to longer battery schedules, you could get a clear track of your baby for up to 30 hours.
  • It also had a wireless FHSS connection providing a secure and private connection for baby monitoring.
  • Capable of providing you with a live stream of up to 600 ft.


  • No need to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Camera pan feature to see all around the room.
  • Great picture and video quality.
  • Longer battery life.


  • A good option while traveling for indoor visits

2-    Phillips AVENT SCD502 audio video baby monitor:

Getting a baby monitor that supports longer audio formats is the ultimate need of all travel enthusiast parents. So, if you are some of those parents who are avid campers and travelers and love to take longer rides, then Phillips AVENT’s best audio baby monitor is your pick. With its DECT technology, you can get up to 150 feet of clear sounds indoors. Meanwhile, you can also catch up to 1000 ft for outdoor visits.

It works without Wi-Fi, so you won’t worry about internet access and can enjoy camping and travel easily. What I noticed about this Philips audio baby monitor is that it doesn’t provide two-way communication. So, whenever your baby starts crying, you can hear the voice, but your baby won’t be able to. Furthermore, with its smart eco mode, Phillips also provides longer battery life.


  • Offering a night light to keep your baby’s nights smooth and comfortable.
  • Develop a smart eco mode that will provide minimized transmission power and longer battery times.
  • It also had a parent unit with batteries to track the kid for up to 24 hours.
  • Providing an indoor range of 150 feet and an extensive range of 1000 feet for outdoor travel.
  • With its parent unit, you will easily know when the battery needs to be recharged.
  • Come up with sound-activated LED lights to keep track of noise levels in your baby’s room.


  • Longer battery life.
  • No Wi-Fi is required.
  • Longer indoor or outdoor range.
  • Smart ecosystem.


  • Lack of two-way communication.

3-    HelloBaby Video baby monitor with a camera pan

HelloBaby video baby monitor is one of my lists of best baby monitors for travel. It has all the features that travel mums or fathers can look for without breaking the bank. It’s a video camera and comes up with a camera pan to check your baby from all around. More specifically, if you have a toddler baby or an active kid who loves to play around, then the HelloBaby travel baby monitor is your best bet to check your baby’s movements with the help of a tilted screen.

What I just loved about this product is its two-way communication system so that your little one could feel you in the same room. Furthermore, its setup is easy, and the system is portable too. So, you won’t have to worry whether you will be able to carry it while travelling or not. If you want to save yourself from a wrong purchase or get the best of your price, this one is the best baby monitor for travel.


  • Come up with a 3.2 inches LCD and completely wireless technology.
  • Providing an excellent opportunity to rotate the camera horizontally at 355 degrees and 120 degrees vertically so that you can see your baby from all around.
  • You can also remotely play lullabies to soothe night to your kid.  
  • Featuring two-way communication systems, you and your kid can hear each other.
  • Due to tilt zoom technology, you won’t have to go to the room every time and can set the camera positions easily.
  • It also had automatic night vision enough to get automatic shifts between day and night.


  • Affordable
  • Longer battery life
  • Durable
  • Camera pan to see all around


  • The video quality wouldn’t be that great

4- Owlet Cam Smart baby monitor:

Finding a baby monitor that provides an ultra-broad view of your child is the ultimate need of every traveler. My list of best baby monitors for travel includes Owlet cam smart, a secure baby monitor that provides an HD view of your child with reliable clarity from anywhere. It’s a multipurpose baby monitor which you can use in two ways. Use it to monitor your baby or turn it into an HD night vision stream.

I just loved this Owlet baby monitor because it provides secure TLS Wi-Fi encryption and a wall mounting kit. You can hang this monitor on the wall, which will ultimately help you keep the cables of the monitor away from the approach of your little kid’s hands. It’s worth mentioning here that you will need a Wi-Fi connection. So, it wouldn’t be a good option for camping, hiking or the other go-to areas where it’s hard to connect to the internet – otherwise, it’s worth spending on an Owlet smart baby monitor.


  • You will get instant notification whenever your baby moves, so there are fewer chances to miss any moment with your kid.
  • It also supports two-way communications from anywhere and anytime.
  • Due to the background audio features, you can hear your baby’s voice instantly, even while doing any other task or by using a mobile.
  • Owlet wall mounting counting has a 4x zoom sensor that will increase your baby’s visibility from the crib or floor.
  • A dream sock is also included, helping you get a clear picture or video of your baby while sleeping with incredible savings.
  • A secure, encrypted video connection lets you decide who can hear or watch the baby.


  • Excellent control over the monitor
  • Easy to setup and install
  • Wonderful camera quality


  • Can’t be operated without Wi-Fi

5- Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

Infant optics is one of my list’s best and most advanced video baby monitors. More specifically, if you are some of those parents who prefer to have a monitor that doesn’t require any internet connection, then infant optics DXR-8 pro is your bet. It helps you to get digital security without any internet connectivity. An infant baby monitor keeps you and your kid protected from hackers. Moreover, as it doesn’t require any internet connection, you will not only get a hassle-free integration, but it also lets you monitor your baby while traveling quickly.

Infant optics also has a noise reduction feature that will filter out all the background noises, allowing you to hear your baby’s voice more clearly. For example, there may be fans, air conditioners, air purifiers, or any other noise in the room so that it will reduce all those annoying and distracted noises. Furthermore, the camera pan, tilt, and zoom lenses will help you to get complete control over the view of the baby’s room.


  • It has a great high definition and ultra-clear video quality of 720p.
  • The 5 inches ultra-large screen now offers brighter, sharper colors and quality viewing angles.
  • You can zoom up the video up to 6X.
  • Due to its 1000mW speaker and dual audio power – hear clearer, crisper and louder voices.
  • The camera brightness can be adjusted according to the lighting conditions of your room.
  • Complete control over the static noises with HD video quality.


  • Offering a 1-year warranty.
  • It has a solid monitor.
  • Good and adjusted lighting.


  • Lacking the volume control feature.

What Do I Recommend?

I have stated some of my top picks for the best baby monitor for travel. I had the best experience with them, so you can try any of these. But, if you are still confused and want to know which one is the best baby monitor for travel and would serve you the best money, then I recommend you to choose the HelloBaby video baby monitor if you have a budgeted range. But if you don’t have any budget issues, Phillips AVENT is your best bet. You won’t regret paying for them.


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