Best Sleeping Bag Liners (Silk, Wool & MummyStyle)

Best Sleeping Bag Liners (Silk, Wool & MummyStyle)

If you are a traveler, you can’t deny the importance of sleeping bag liners to get the ultimate comfortable sleep during any travel day or even camping trip. For example, what would you do if you were willing to take a camping trip to a little cold area but already have a sleeping bag? Buying a new sleeping bag is never recommended; it will also increase costs. That’s why getting the best sleeping bag liner is what you need to get a comfortable, warm sleep even with ease in your pocket.

Read on to find some of my top picks for the best sleeping bag liners I have tried and got the best ever experience.

5 Best Sleeping Bag Liners Available in Market:

Like any other travel essential, sleeping bag liners are made from multiple materials: wool, silk, nylon or any other material; furthermore, sleeping liners also come up in different designs, sizes and shapes. All these have made the decision far more difficult and interesting. In today’s guide, I have compiled a list of the best sleeping bag liners to help you choose the best.

So, let’s dig into it.

Sea to Summit Reactor Insulated Sleeping Bag Liner

Sea to Summit is a well-known brand offering multiple sleeping bag liners to create the ultimate ease in a travel journey. I had tried its sea to summit reactor insulated sleeping bag liner, and it was one of the best, with the ultimate comfort I was looking for. Surprisingly, I had used this sleeping bag liner for both seasons, winter and summer. Whenever I felt like I needed extra warmth, I used it with a combo of a sleeping bag; otherwise, it was completely usable and highly comfortable on any summer day. It will add a different temperature of 25°F to warm you on cold days. However, all these qualities are not making it bulky or heavier – it’s a completely packable and lightweight sleeping bag liner.

You might be surprised to know, but I would like to mention the exquisite feature of a strip around the hood or opening area. This different coloured strip has made my life 5X easier because whenever I had to open the bag, I would never have to search for the hole in a sleeping bag. All I need is to spot that coloured strip, open it easily, and get myself into it. Isn’t it exquisite? Yes, it is because it saved me from lots of hassle.

Among all the amazing features, the price of the sea summit reactor sleeping bag liner is also reasonable. Moreover, it’s a mummy shaped insulated sleeping bag liner that adds personal hygiene and extra warmth to any sleeping bag. What else could you wish for in a sleeping bag liner, even if it is completely machine washable?

Tough Outdoor Sleeping Bag Liner

While camping or traveling, you never know where your trip will end – right? So, getting a sleeping bag liner is not only your need, but a soft, lightweight, and breathable one can only solve your problem. That’s why Tough Outdoor has created their XL sleeping bag liner in my list of best ones. It is made from 100% polyester, helping you get the ultimate comfort but with high ease in the pocket. It will give you hygienic sleep by keeping it extra fresh and easily washable. Furthermore, it also had integrated sleeves to provide you with a more secure feel while sleeping.

However, it’s a zipper bag sheet with a full-length zipper around, making the in and out of the liner easier. I also loved its incredible size of 6’6, where even a tall man could easily fit into it. Moreover, it also provides a different temperature of 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit. But, it is also worth stating that tough outdoor sleeping bag liners can also be used in both seasons, either in winter or in summer. In summer, you can use it as an open-air breathable cover while sleeping, but in winter, you can add up the temperature of 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tough outdoor XL sleeping bag liner is lightweight and will not create a bulkier look, so you can save up space in your luggage. So, no matter your height, weight, space, budget, or travel journey, a Tough outdoor sleeping bag has the solution without breaking the bank.

TETON Travel Camping Sleeping Bag Liner

TETON Travel Sleeping bag liner is your anytime bed for days and nights away from home. It is available in cotton and polyester, so you have clear options, but the cotton liner tends to be much softer and more pleasant to use. Surprisingly, I had used it as a guest sheet and travel blanket or sheet, too, especially on drafty benches or even in an airplane where feet always get cold.

Although it is one of the best sleeping bag liners with an exceptional price range, it’s worth considering that, compared to Tough outdoor sleeping bag liners, I would still not recommend TETON. It’s because of two reasons. The first one is the size. Though TETON travel sleeping bag liners come in 2 different sizes, XL and Mammoth, it’s still incompatible and can make movement difficult. The second thing is its material which is not as soft as it should be.

Furthermore, both sides of the TETON sport the travel sleeping bag liner is sewn, which has increased heat retention to get extra warmth sleep. Still, you may consider it a con as you may have to feel hassle while getting in or out, so it’s all about preference – this feature could turn into a pro or con too. Yet it’s considerable that TETON is lightweight, machine washable, and dryable. The handle at the top of this liner creates convenient storage and carrying opportunities.

Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner

A sleeping bag liner can be made of different materials, and among all the ones made from silk can still be the preference of many. It’s because silk is not only a breathable fabric but also lightweight and insulated. I have included a Cocoon silk liner in my list of best sleeping bag liners. Cocoon mummy liner is an extremely light sleeping bag liner with exceptional qualities of getting warmth-cushioned sleep.

It can also be used in both summer and winter weather; however, it’s worth considering that it will never be the warmest liner if that’s your need. However, it can still be a versatile and comfortable pick where you don’t have to worry about the silk quality. The silk is more durable, woven and strong than regular silk. You must consider it as a hand or machine-washable liner that dries quickly.

Once, I tried this liner while sleeping in a hotel room so that the bed sheets won’t touch my skin and I could get a comfortable sleep with incredible next-to-skin comfort. It was a good and pleasant experience, and you can also go for it. It is a very soft sleeping bag liner with enough room. The only drawback I could mention is its size. You can’t expect it to be compatible with taller people, even those who exceed 5’8’’. So, the sizing can be reconsidered and made a little longer. Furthermore, it is a mummy-style liner bag, so you might feel snug while in and out of this bag.

Big Agnes Wool Sleeping Bag Liner

Big Agnes sleeping bag liner is one of my premium choices, yet the best investment I have made. It is an extremely soft sleeping bag liner that can easily fit into the bag due to its lightweight and perfect sizing. One of the main reasons why I get so impressed by Big Agnes is its unique antibacterial properties. You can also consider it as a sheet-like layer that can be used for multiple sleeping options. However, it can also be used as a sleeping bag in warmer weather conditions.

Not only had these, but Big Agnes sleeping bag liner also had a side opening of 107 cm. Moreover, if you are considering Big Agnes as an option, you need to know that it also has a Merino sleeping bag liner and a cotton liner. Now, it’s completely up to you which one you choose, but you must know that a cotton sleeping bag line will not be that soft and will be unable to handle moisture. However, they are so quiet that you will ultimately feel like sleeping on a mild bed sheet. Though both options are available, and it’s totally up to you which one you choose, one thing is sure: Big Agnes wool sleeping bag liners are worth considering.

The Bottom Line:

As I had stated, you can choose the 5 best sleeping bag liners available in the market. Still, knowing what qualities make the sleeping bag liner the best is good.

The first factor you must consider is the material they are made of. Each material has its pros and cons. It can either be wool, silk, synthetic, or cotton. That’s why the best choice is where you already know which material you want to get and its advantages and drawbacks. Furthermore, the importance of size, shape, and weight cannot be denied, as these 3 are the ultimate options for comfortable sleep and safe carrying. However, the temperature ratings or the warmth position are crucial when considering any sleeping bag liner as best.

I considered all these factors while creating the list of best sleeping bag liners mentioned above. Now, all you need to do is analyze your needs and choose among them as all are best, and I have also stated a product for every need.

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