Visit from Chicago – Prague

Prague at night

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So exciting. My friend Cindy flew all the way from Chicago to see me. I was eager to show here as much as I could in this short time she was staying here in Europe. One of the things I wanted her to see was the city I like so very much, historical Prague. There is one more reason why I chose this city, it is known for its excellent beer!

Food Prague
Czech food and beer – excellent combo.

Prague is not so far away from my hometown and we arrived in the city of beer in the evening. We were a little tired after a long drive but that did not stop us from tasting some famous Czech beers. And of course, we wanted to check out the nightlife in Prague! It is hard to compete with parties in the States, but we gave Prague a chance to show us what it can offer.

The Chapeau Rouge is a club located in the city center. It spreads over three floors and here you can find music for every taste including house, dance, and disco – you name it. If you want to have a good time, the Chapeau Rouge is the right place to spend the night in Prague.

We also took some time to see the city center. One of the main attractions in Prague is the astronomical clock. This medieval clock is over 600 years old and it was installed in 1410. This is the world’s third oldest clock that is still ticking. Very cool!

Tourists Prague

It is almost a sin if you go to Prague and you don’t visit at least one of the famous breweries. I loved the ‘Two cats’ brewery or in the Czech language U Dvou Kocek.

U Dvou Kocek Prague
Two Cats has great beer I tell you?

The taste of the beer from their microbrewery is excellent. Our tasting spree didn’t finish there. After U Dvou Kocek, we tried the beer from the most famous brewery called U Fleku. They have the best dark beer I have ever tasted!

Beer Prague

And I have to mention our visit to a brewery named U Zlatého Tygra or ‘Gold Tiger’ that has hosted numerous celebrities and sports stars from all over the world. I happened to noticed a photo of Bill Clinton on the wall, who knew he liked beer?

This tasting of different beers got us in the dancing mood. Where to go? To James Dean! A little touch of the American culture in the Prague, the party it is on![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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