Top 5 things To Do At Agsana Lăng Cô

Agsana Lăng Cô Top 5 things to do!

1. Enjoy the Incredible Views from the beach and pools

This beautiful hotel is set on the beach and surrounded by mountains. The grounds are exceptional and include a canal system where you can enjoy a boat excursion on the property. The pools are also phenomenal and interconnected, I am pretty sure you could swim a kilometer or two without turning around. Another place to enjoy the views is from Upper Deck which overlooks the ocean and mountains. Have a drink here and soak in the views!

Angsana Lang Co

Enjoying the view from my room at Angsana Lang Co.

Ines Juranovic

Beach, pools, and mountains at the Angsana Lang Co.

Ines Juranovic

Great views from the suites at Banyan Tree.

2. Enjoy all the free amenities

The best kind of amenities are those that are free so I took advantage of them. The amenities at the hotel are well done and shared with their sister property, Banyan Tree Lăng Cô. I enjoyed yoga class at the Banyan Tree and it is just a short shuttle ride away. Also take a visit to their very own organic farm that enables the farm to table freshness found in all the restaurants. I saw one the largest butterflies I have ever seen here!


While at the Angsana Lang Co’s organic farm, I found this huge butterfly.

3. Enjoy the buffet breakfast at the Market Place

I really enjoyed my dining experiences at Agsana Lăng Cô. The quality of the food and the service were always both exceptional. I enjoyed the breakfast each day at the Market Place restaurant where everything was super fresh and exquisitely prepared. There are so many choices here and if you cannot find it, the staff makes it happen here.

Ines Juranovic

Walking the grounds at Angsana Lang Co.

4. Dine at the Rice Bowl

The restaurant should probably be renamed since it sounds a bit like a fast food restaurant. However, I assure you it is not! The Rice Bowl restaurant has delicious food and great service that all made eating here a great experience. There are several other restaurants here but these were my favorites.

Ines Juranovic

The colorful lobby Angsana Lang Co.

5. Take the hotels free shuttle bus to Hoi An

One of the great amenities the Angsana Lăng Cô offers is complimentary shuttle service to and from Hoi An and this is something you should definitely take advantage of during your stay. Hoi An has much to offer with its colorful architecture and décor everywhere you look. There is lots of shopping and restaurants here as well. Be sure to not miss out when the sun goes down and the lighted lanterns come out along the river – it is really a beautiful site.

Ines Juranovic

Seeing flowers in Hoi An.

Ines Juranovic

Beautiful Colors in Hoi An

Ines Juranovic

It’s the Golden Hour Hoi An

Ines Juranovic

Admiring a beautiful sunset in Hoi An.

Ines Juranovic

Hoi An at night is such a beautiful sight.

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