Top 10 Things to See and Do in Ronda

Ronda, located in southern Spain, is a beautiful little city located in a very unique place. It is a dramatic mountain city set over a deep gorge. making this a place that you will want to explore from many angles and elevations.

Here is my top 10 for Ronda!

Ines Juranovic

Olé! Olé!

1. Drive from Malaga to Ronda

I began this journey in Malaga which is about a 40 minute drive through the mountains. The scenery is spectacular with beautiful views.

Ines LIfeStyle

Plaza de Toros de Ronda from The Catalonia Ronda.

2. Stay at The Catalonia Ronda

I stayed at this hotel that is located right across from Plaza de Toros de Ronda, the historic bullfighting ring. The rooms were perfect and very comfortable and I had an amazing view of the bullring. There is also a very nice rooftop with a pool and bar so you can soak up some of that beautiful sunshine that southern Spain is so famous for. I really enjoyed the views and sunset from the terrace overlooking the bullring and valley below, the views from this hotel are really outstanding! I very much enjoyed the hotel and would definitely stay here again.


3. See New Bridge from many angles

One of the most famous attractions is called New Bridge but it is not all that new being completed in 1793. The bridge took over 40 years to complete and separates the newer part of the city from the older part.


The views from El Tajo Gorge are outstanding!

4. See the other bridges and gardens

There are also two other bridges that are older and also dramatic. The gorge is over 120 meters deep and can be accessed from a number of places. On one side, you can stroll through beautiful gardens along the way. From the other, you have views of New Bridge and the cliffs and onto the valley below where you can find some old ruins.

Ines Juranovic

Strolling around Ronda for more spectacular views. Love this place!

5. Hike the El Tajo Gorge

I highly recommend hiking into El Tajo gorge to the valley bellow and explore the dramatic landscapes along the way but be sure to bring water. The views are worth the hike.


There are all sorts of surprises hiking in El Tajo Gorge.

6. Visit Plaza de Toros de Ronda

Another site worth visiting is Plaza de Toros de Ronda. This is the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain and also holds a museum dedicated to this spectacle that has been historically romanticized throughout history. I really enjoyed exploring this cultural icon walking in and around the bullring. I am pretty sure I could teach any bull a lesson or two! Olé! Olé!

Ines Juiranovic

Not afraid of no bulls!

Ines Juranovic

Ready for the bullfight at Plaza de Toros de Ronda.

7. See the views form Coño

To the rear of the bullring is a park that has great views of the valley below. There is one point where you can stand on a balcony over 100 meters above the valley below, it is called “Coño!”

Ines Juranovic

Enjoying this beautiful place.

8. Dine at Albacara Restaurant

This Michelin Star rated restaurant features Mediterranean, European, and Spanish cuisine and overlooks the Tajo gorge, New Bridge, and has outstanding views. The food and service are also exceptional! Very nice people here! Be sure to book ahead of time for a table with the best views.


9. Dine at Azahar.

This restaurant features local cuisine and has spectacular views of the mountains and valley below. This is a great place to catch the sunset and the food is good. If you walk here from New Bridge, you can stroll through the nearby park that sits on the edge of a cliff and enjoy the views.

Ines Juranovic

Enjoying another beautiful view before dinner at Azahar.

10. Explore the city and enjoy the views.

I probably used the word “views” or “view” a few dozen times here because this is such a beautiful place to visit with such great views everywhere you look.  Whether it is the historic buildings, bridges, bullring, cliffs, mountains, or sunsets, there is a great view here everywhere you look.


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