The Experience of Exuma

Exuma Point Beach

Exuma is the kind of place that dreams are made of. It is a place that is a little off the beaten path but the water is incredibly beautiful, the beaches consist of a gorgeous fine white sand, and all this creates beautiful shades of blue. This really is a beautiful paradise. Not to mention all of the really cool Instagram photos of pigs, sharks, and gorgeous beaches made this a place that was on my bucket list.

Wow! The water color is so beautiful!

Now I am not a big planner. In fact, many of the places I visit are more spur of the moment and last minute and I like it this way since I am not locked into a schedule and I can spend more time somewhere if I really like it. Let’s also just say that I am spontaneous when I zip around the globe! When I planned my trip to the Bahamas, I had not booked anything for Exuma but this is just a small hurdle to me and was not going to stop me. I am going to Exuma one way or the other.

I must make it to Pig Beach. Such a cool experience!

At the last minute I am finally ready to look at how I am going to do this. Many of the boat trips from Nassau are cancelled due to rough waters so I decide to fly there and do it all in a day. First problem solved, on to the next one. The airport is tiny and baggage claim is outdoors and exposed to the elements. How am I going to see this place and do it all in a day and not spend a fortune doing it? Tour operators were asking for up to $7500 but I think I can do better than that!

Once out of the terminal, I talk to a taxi driver who suggests that I go to Kermit’s Airport Lounge, a bar across the street from the airport because they know someone who has a boat. Why not? Sure enough, they know someone who has a boat and I am off to see paradise for 1/100th of the price I was being quoted.

The airport is not fancy but it works!

Our trip began with a drive to Exuma Point Beach Resort where we met with our guide Andrew Clarke. This place is not luxurious but the water and beach are absolutely gorgeous. After getting on the boat, we are quickly off to Pig Beach to see the swimming pigs. The pigs swim out to the boat with a little encouragement and they are not shy about wanting to be fed even practically jumping into the boat from the water – a little intimidating but quite the experience. We eventually get the courage to get off the boat and head to the beach where we find a baby pig and have fun taking pictures. What an experience!

ines Juranovic
It is beautiful here! at Exuma Point Beach Resort.
it is incredibly beautiful here.
The magic of Exuma is incredible!
Ines Juranovic
So enjoying Exuma!
Ines Jranovic InesLifeStyle
Urska and Ines Juranovic relaxing at Exuma Beach at Point Beach Resort.
Ines Juranovic
Love the contrast in colors here!
Ines Juranovic
This little guy was so cute!
Ines Juranovic
Teaching this little guy how to swim.

Next our guide takes us around some of the islands where we were able to see and feed a very large sting ray, see starfish, and see some sharks! This was an absolutely perfect and beautiful experience and I am definitely going back for more someday. After the boat tour, we are taken to one of the large sand bars out on the point and the skies and scene are absolutely surreal – time to head back to Nassau but I cannot say enough about what a beautiful day it was!  Urska and I had so much fun!

Ines Juranovic
The sand bars in Exuma are amazing!
Back to Nassau we go, what an amazing time in Exuma.

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