Ines Juranovic

Relaxing in Zanzibar

During my trip to Kenya, I looked into what else I could fit in that might be relatively close to me. I had seen some pictures and heard about Zanzibar from friends so I decided to make this my next adventure. Why not? Beautiful white sand beaches and gorgeous

Exuma Point Beach

The Experience of Exuma

Exuma is the kind of place that dreams are made of. It is a place that is a little off the beaten path but the water is incredibly beautiful, the beaches consist of a gorgeous fine white sand, and all this creates beautiful shades of blue. This really is


Aloha Maui!

I arrived in Maui at Hawaiian Airlines.  Baggage claim is in an open-air part of the airport and nice tropical breezes are blowing through the area. Also, visiting Maui requires that you rent a car if you want to explore. If so, you will want to be sure to