Spectacular Giraffe Manor

One of the places that has been on my bucket list is the Giraffe Manor in Kenya. When I saw some posts on Instagram, I could not believe my eyes and I knew I had to be there. This is typically a place you have to book months in advance but with some luck, I am soon I am off to what would be the highlight of my Africa trip and checking in at the Giraffe Manor.

Ines Juranovic
Enjoying the Giraffe Manor at this beautiful hotel.

This hotel is operated by the Safari Collection and is an exclusive boutique hotel. When visiting this hotel, you are truly receiving an unforgettable experience that enables you to interact with Giraffes from the back patio, your room, and at breakfast. The manor was built in the 1930’s and is set on large property where a herd of resident Rothschild’s giraffe roam between the forest and the hotel. These animals are truly incredible and the hotel takes very good care of them and is a part of conservation programs that ensure these animals can be enjoyed by future generations. The service here is personalized and outstanding and just about anything you can think of from laundry to food to drinks is included with your room so be sure to enjoy

A mom with her baby giraffe, so cute!
Check out those eye lashes!

After checking in, I receive a briefing about interacting with the giraffes and then I have a very nice lunch at the manor. After lunch, I walked to the Giraffe Sanctuary right next door where I received personalized treatment and began my introduction to these magnificent creatures. I was able to feed these creatures not only by hand but by mouth – oh my, I have never kissed a giraffe before! The center was well done and offered a great educational and interactive experience. My guide was amazing and took me for a walk to the area where the giraffes go at night that includes jungle vegetation, a stream, and views of the mountain ranges surrounding Nairobi. The walk was very pleasant and peaceful.

Ines Junranovic
Exploring the grounds of Giraffe Manor.
Ines Juranovic
Interacting with Giraffes at the Giraffe Center.
Ines Jurnaovic
They can eat a LOT of food!

That evening, I am back at the Manor for afternoon tea where my first interaction with the giraffes at the manor takes place. There is little separating you from these massive creatures other that a very short wall. Apparently, they do not like to climb over anything… Here, you are one-on-one with several giraffes, feeding them, and some of which will let you touch them.  That night, I had an amazing dinner in a dining room setting with other guests. The hotel is very accommodating and prepares special meals up request and the food is amazing. This was a very enjoyable experience.

Is it tea time or wine time at Giraffe Manor?
Dinner at Giraffe Manor.
Ines Juranovic
Back for afternoon tea and giraffe feeding.
Ines Juranovic
Swinging and feeding with Giraffes!
Ines Juranovic Giraffes
So enjoying every second here.

The next morning, I am greeted by Giraffe’s looking into my room at sunrise on the second floor of the hotel. I open the window and feed them and enjoyed this beautiful experience until it was time for breakfast. There are not too many places in the world where you can have that experience!

Ines Juranovic
Good morning from a Giraffe!
Ines Juranovic
I think he wants a treat?

During breakfast, these magnificent animals poke their heads through the windows and extend their necks right to the breakfast table. An absolutely unforgettable experience. I was so busy feeding and enjoying them, I completely forgot about my breakfast. Here you can take some truly amazing photos since it is not very often that one gets to share breakfast with giraffes.

Ines Juranovic
Where is my breakfast?
Breakfast time at Giraffe Manor!
Ines Juranovic Giraffes
Two is always better than one when it comes to Giraffes!
Ines Juranovic
Hello there, you are very tall!
Ines Juranovic Giraffe Manor
I could do this all day…
Ines Juranovic Breakfast
Save some for me….

This is definitely an unforgettable lifetime experience and should be on everyone’s bucket list! I cannot say enough positive things about the Giraffe Manor, they go out of their way to make sure you have a magical experience.

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