Paradise in the Maldives



I depart for the Maldives via Emirates Air in business class.  The experience was good as always. Unfortunately, the flight had to spend a couple of hours circling near the airport due to some runway damage – however, I feel very lucky since I heard one flight was diverted to Sri Lanka and soon I arrive.

My first view of the Maldives.

I arrive at the Male airport and I am greeted by the friendly staff of the Four Seasons where I wait transportation via boat to Kuda Huraa. The waiting room has air conditioning and beverages unlike the rest of the stuffy open-air terminal for arrivals. I opted for this location to save some time since it is only a 30-minute boat ride from the hotel. The boat launch is located steps away from the terminal front door and the staff handles all of my luggage for a no hassle experience.

Enjoying the beautiful views from my villa.

I arrive late and they usher me straight to my room that has been upgraded to an over-water bungalow – I am very appreciative for the upgrade. The room is truly spectacular with breathtaking views.

Room service at the Villa.

There are four restaurants at the resort; Baraabaru (fine Indian cuisine), Reef Club (Italian cuisine), Café Huraa (Asian and Western food and the breakfast buffet), and Kandu Grill (barbeque seafood and meat). The resort is fairly mellow with a mix of families and couples and I enjoy a peaceful evening at their Reef Club restaurant on the water which offers Italian cuisine. On another night, I go back to the Reef Club and enjoy lobster night. The food and service at all the restaurants is top notch! If you are looking for a livelier experience in the Maldives, the Four Seasons may not be the place for you but I enjoy some tranquility from time to time take advantage of all the resort has to offer.

The colors of the water are so beautiful.

The next day, I take some sun and attempt a snorkeling and diving trip on one of their private boats. Unfortunately, the trip had to be cancelled when I arrived at the diving and snorkeling location due to stormy weather – it’s the tropics and this happens sometimes!  I attempt the trip again a couple of days later and the weather is spectacular.  I see many species of fish, eels, and very large sting rays. Before heading back, we I am treated to a pod of dolphins that I follow along for a while close to the resort. The staff on the boat was great and I had a great experience – special thanks to Amber who was an outstanding guide.

Special thanks to Amber who was an outstanding guide for my snorkeling trip.


I am so happy here that I cannot help but do cartwheels!

The resort also offers many other options for snorkeling, diving, and other activities. On other days, I enjoy walking along the beautiful beaches and taking some sun at the pool.  Look for sting rays, fish, and small sharks whenever you are close to the water – there is much to see and enjoy here.

The island spa is amazing!

Did I mention the spa?  The island spa here is amazing. You shuttle to the spa on a boat that runs back and forth from the main island to a smaller one a few hundred meters away.  The experience was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it!

A couple of tips… The true currency of the Maldives is actually the US Dollar. All prices for all services are given in this currency so there is no need to purchase Maldivian currency. Also, know that you are a captive audience and everything is marked up considerably – a typical breakfast for one costs around $40 USD so I recommend having it included when you book your room. Finally, the taxes, service fees, and resort fees are quite high so plan accordingly. The staff and resort are great but plan on it costing you a lot of money. Maldivian crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and beautiful sunsets make this a very special trip.

Sunsets and flowers, two of my favorite things.


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