Discover Bahamas Natural Beauty: A Guide : Discover the Beauty with Ines

Discover Bahamas Natural Beauty: A Guide : Discover the Beauty with Ines

Welcome to the post to Discover Bahamas! Join me and my friend Urska as we embark on an unforgettable journey through this tropical paradise.

From the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and SLS Baha Mar to the charming restaurants of Nassau, we’ll be experiencing the best that the Bahamas has to offer.

Lets Discover Bahamas Beauty

From relaxing at the spa to trying our luck at the casino, and indulging in delicious food, we’ll be taking in the stunning scenery, rich culture, and turquoise waters at every turn. So, come along and let’s Discover Bahamas Beauty together!

Ines Juranovic
Urska and I taking it all in!

I soon arrive in the Bahamas with my good friend Urska from Havana and we are quickly off to the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. This resort is located at Cable Beach and seems to offer just about anything you can imagine. There are several pools, a beach situated on the beautiful waters of the Bahamas, a spa, good food, and even a casino. Maybe Urska and I will try our luck?

At the resort, we get settled at the pool and enjoy the sunshine and delicious appetizers. After enjoying a beautiful sunset, we are off to dinner at Shuang Ba, a Chinese restaurant located at the Grand Hyatt where we enjoy a delicious dinner. We enjoy some drinks afterwards and do a little gambling.  Maybe someone won?  I will never tell : ) For breakfast, The Palms, also at the resort had a great buffet. We also gave the spa a shot and we were pleased with the results.

Ines Juranovic and Urska at Baha Mar

Visit to SLS Baha Mar Resort

Another resort we enjoyed was the SLS Baha Mar located right next to the Grand Hyatt. The rooms are bright and comfortable and I had a great view of the water and sunsets – this is definitely a place for me! While at SLS, we had an amazing dinner at Katsuya by Starck. This Japanese sushi restaurant has a cool vibe with the artwork and decor and good food to go along with it all.  Check out Cleo Mediterraneo by Award-winning Chef Danny Elmaleh. This Mediterranean restaurant adds local flavors and a lively atmosphere to create a good experience. Both restaurants are definitely worth trying. For drinks, we stop by the Monkey Bar. The bar has a nice open feel to it and good energy and the décor and pictures are fun to look at as well.

Visit to Cafe Matisse

Of course we had to try a few non-resort restaurants as well. My favorite was Café Matisse located in the heart of Nassau. This Italian restaurant has nice relaxing atmosphere, a beautiful garden courtyard, and excellent food. This restaurant is at the top of my list in Nassau.

Ines Juiranovic
Ines Juranovic and Urska having some Instagram fun in Nassau.

Dinner at Compass Point Beach Resort

For dinner, we search for some restaurants where we can watch the sunset. The first one we try is Compass Point Beach Resort. This resort features colorful villas, a seaside pool, and of course a restaurant. They offer delicious Bahamian and International cuisine and we enjoyed a nice sunset and dinner.

Sunset At Blue Sail Bar & Grill

We also visited Blue Sail Bar & Grill to enjoy a nice dinner and sunset. The restaurant is a Mediterranean French fusion restaurant and has great views over the water with both indoor and outdoor seating. A nice place to catch the sunset.

At Atlantis to Discover Bahamas Actual Beauty

Finally, a trip to Discvoer Bahamas would not be complete without going to the mega resort Atlantis. Here we dined at both Nobu and Mosaic. Both restaurants are good and we have some fun in the Casino before departing.

Discovering Bahamas was and amazing experience with its white sand beaches and mesmerizing water. Next we are off to Exuma – I cannot wait!


The Bahamas truly lived up to its reputation as a tropical paradise. From the luxurious resorts to the charming restaurants, every experience was unforgettable. The white sand beaches, mesmerizing waters, and stunning sunsets will stay with me forever. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore this beautiful destination and I can’t wait to see where my travels will take me next. I hope this journey has inspired you to experience to Discover Bahamas Beauty for yourself. Happy travels!

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