Costa Rica – Pura Vida!

I arrive in San Jose Costa Rica to see what this Pura Vida stuff is all about and stay at the San Jose Sheraton where I am greeted by a beautiful sunset.  This is my launching point for driving to Peninsula Papagayo on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica and it served its purpose very well with nice rooms, a good night’s rest, and a great breakfast the next morning.


Pura Vida in Costa Rica.

The next morning, I set out for what should be a four-hour drive however half way through the traffic comes to a complete stop due to an accident. At this point, I decide to use Google maps and find an alternate route. This route takes me on a windy dirt road and up a mountain where the traffic again comes to a complete stop. There is a truck all but hanging off the side of a mountain and a massive traffic jam on a road really meant for one car to pass at a time… After a bus nearly pushes me off the side of a mountain I make it through and I am off to the Four Seasons at Peninsula Papagayo.


First stop, the beach!

Ines Juranovic

Soaking up the sunshine and views!

When I arrive at the Four Seasons, the grounds are gorgeous and lush and I see howler monkeys in the trees on the way in. The resort is spread out over the tip of the Papagayo Peninsula on the Pacific coast with step hills on both sides. The resort has four different pools and two beaches, one faces west for the sunset and one east for the sunrise. Despite the delay in arrival, I am on time to go to the beach, enjoy some relaxation on a cabana, and see a beautiful sunset. I enjoy a nice walk and see lots of small crabs come out in the evening, coatis, a racoon like animal, and lots of birds.  There are also the white-faced monkeys, so cute!


Monkeying around at the Four Seasons Papagayo.

Ines Jurnovic

If the monkey can do it, I can too!

The resort has several restaurants. There is Bahia which is most popular for breakfast and features both a buffet and al la carte options in the open-air. As you would expect, the food here is excellent and fresh – I see an iguana in the tree here, he wants to join me for breakfast! Next there is Anejo, another open-air option that faces the west for sunset and is mostly for cocktails, drinks, and tapas size bites. They have fresh-pressed juices in the morning but this is mostly an evening spot. There is also Caracol, an indoor steak restaurant and Pesce, an Italian restaurant that also features locally caught fish. The pasta and seafood here are excellent. For special occasions, you can have dinner on the beach with lot of food and drink options. I enjoy a beautiful dinner and sunset here during my stay.

Ines Juranovic

Such a beautiful experience dining on the beach.

Things to do at the resort aside from laying out at the beach or pool include kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, golf, tennis, and excursions by boat. I chose paddle boarding and had a blast. Next there is the Spa. This spa is gorgeous and features beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. I have a therapeutic deep tissue spa that was outstanding. They also offer facials, salon services, and other signature treatments.

Ines Juranovic

A little pool time at the Villa. The view is amazing!

There is plenty to do in Costa Rica, some of which includes zip-lining, fishing, exploring the volcanoes, Monteverde, home to the cloud forest. My trip is short so checked out zip-lining and I spent most of my time relaxing and enjoying the sun. For zip-lining, I check out the Witch’s Rock Canopy tour. The staff here is very nice and the zip-lining was exciting and fun. The only thing I would say is that I am here late during the dry season and most of the trees have lost their leaves so it looked rather barren at the time. I imagine it is much more beautiful during other parts of the year. On my next visit, I will try to do zip-lining in Monteverde.


Having a blast Ziip Lining Costa Rica!

For the second half of my stay, I am able to stay in a Villa at the Four Seasons that features lush furnishing, a kitchen, living room, dining area, a deck with gorgeous views, an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and I enjoy beautiful views and sunsets – outstanding!  I see birds, iguanas, and more monkeys. I never want to leave this place but it is time to go on my next adventure!


Off to my next adventure!



Happy travels from Ines Juranovic!

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