Best Travel Backpacks With Wheels (My Top 4 Picks)

Best Travel Backpacks With Wheels (My Top 4 Picks)

Finding the best travel backpack with wheels is the ultimate need of every travel which is fulfilled by the JanSport Driver (overall) 8 & MATIN (budgeted)

I understand while travelling, we all have to carry lots and lots of things that can make your bag high in weight. So, getting the best travel backpack with wheels is the ultimate need of any travel. Not only a rolling backpack but also one that offers the ultimate features of carrying a laptop, water bottle, and plenty of other things.

For these reasons, various travel backpacks are available in the market, but this variety has also made the decision much more difficult. That’s why; it’s difficult to recognize the best travel backpack with wheels. Don’t worry; being an active traveller, I understand your problem. So, in today’s guide, I will share the 4 best rolling travel backpacks I have ever tried. Deeper dive you will also find some of my top picks.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 4 And Best Wheeled Travel Backpacks:

So, here we are going to discuss several best travel backpacks with wheels. I had tried all of them and the reason why I had changed often is the change in my needs. Just keep reading to learn what I have experienced so far and what I would I recommend. 

 1- JanSport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack – Best Overall

One of the best travel backpacks with wheels on my list is JanSport Driver 8 Rolling backpack. It is one of the premium bags I have experienced so far. What makes this rolling backpack special is its wide range of colours, and it’s equally suitable for men, women, and teenagers. This will be your good-to-go bag for everyday adventures, where you can carry multiple things without weighing your shoulders, as it has sturdy wheels.

Furthermore, Jansport driver 8 also offers a stunning design with multiple features. Both can be used whether you are a college-going student or an active traveller. Among all, its stylish and elegant looks will help you express your style and stand out from the crowd.

 JanSport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack

One of the best things I love about this rolling travel backpack is that it has multiple zippers with two large main components. This will help you to stay organized by using each pocket in the best way. Moreover, the size of JanSport driver 8 is so compatible that you can carry it with you on any flight without hassle.


  • It has a 15-inch padded sleeve to carry your laptop anywhere with security.
  • Due to its elegant and stylish but minimal design, people of all ages can use it freely.
  • Available in a wide range of 14 colours, you can choose depending on your choice.
  • Not only a telescopic handle and smooth wheels, but it also had shoulder straps so that you could carry your bag however you were comfortable.
  • The two smooth but sturdy wheels will help you to drag conveniently.
  • The two large side and front pockets will help you to stay organized by keeping the water bottle and other things on the way.
  • Made with high quality and 100% recycled polyester material that will help you to make it usable for a long time.
  • Comes up in a size of 20 x 14 x 8 inches with a laptop component and a side water bottle pocket.


  • The handle is easy to hold and extend.
  • It has many pockets and zippered sections in it.
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and durable.
  • It will last longer, so over-packing is allowed.
  • It also has waterproof resistance.


  • Comes up with only a one-sided bottle pocket.
  • The telescoping handle will remain either closed or open – no middle positioning.

2- Osprey Sojourn travel backpack with wheels – Premium Pick

Osprey Sojourn is a well-known company providing high-quality luggage bags to independent travellers. So, there is no wonder as Osprey Sojourn is on my list of best travel backpacks with wheels. I had included it in the list because of its capacity to carry luggage. Whenever I have to go somewhere for a long time, then I take this bag and start my journey. With this bag, I don’t have to worry anymore about anything left behind unpacked.

Osprey Sojourn travel backpack with wheels - Premium Pick
Osprey Sojourn travel backpack with wheels

Furthermore, one of the best things I have experienced so far in this rolling backpack is that it has shoulder straps, handles, and a hip belt. It means you have a wide variety of 3 options; whether you drag this bag, carry it on your shoulder, or, if tired, use the hip belt to adjust the weight. So, what is more, convenient than carrying a convertible bag as your choice?

Moreover, I want to include that this bag also had extra large wheels. This means you can carry it on any surface. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiking or going through an un-plain area or any other plain surface; it will work for both.


  • It comes with handles on both sides, making it easy to carry and grip.
  • With its smooth, lightweight, and sturdy chassis, you can get a smooth drag over all surfaces.
  • With the help of a hip belt and dual compression shoulder straps, you can adjust the load accordingly and get ultimate luggage-carrying comfort.
  • To increase the packaging capacity, you can remove the back panel and adjust the multiple torso sizes.
  • It also has internal straps to secure your clothes more effectively and keep them organized.
  • The various zippered sections, from small to large, will help you carry the small items more conveniently without losing them.


  • Capable of carrying a large amount of clothing.
  • Best for long trips.
  • Easy to carry around all surfaces.
  • Plenty of large to small zippers to carry extra luggage.
  • A hip belt makes it easy to carry weight.


  • It could be a premium pick but worth it.

3- Samsonite MVS – Best Spinner Backpack

One of the best wheel travel backpacks I love the most is Samsonite MVS. A spinner bag is a bag that can stand upright on four wheels, so while travelling alone or with family, what could be the best option other than getting a bag that requires less exertion while rolling it around? That’s why spinning wheels give more convenient mobility.

When I used this bag, I had the same features, just like JanSport Driver 8 but with an additional spinning feature that makes it a more budgeted pick in my list of best travel backpacks with wheels. Just like JanSport, it also had a laptop compartment and two large main compartments for clothing and other items.  

Samsonite MVS

With the help of shoulder straps and a handle, you can carry it at your convenience. Especially if you are a business traveller and you have to go around every on and off, I recommend a wheeled travel backpack as it perfectly fits your need with anti-theft features.


  • Come up with a multi-direction spinner that will help you handle your mobility.
  • It offers wide dimensions of 15 x 14 x 24 with a backing capacity of 8LB.
  • A large component is also available for your 15 inches laptop with easy access.
  • It has multiple large and small organizational sections to chase your luggage conveniently, from large to small zippers.
  • The multi pockets also include a convenient side zip to carry a water bottle.
  • Comes up with a durable and retractable telescopic handle.


  • Best travel bag with wheels to carry on busy airports.
  • Convenient to carry on shoulders as the wheels won’t stick on your back.
  • Its padded side case gives access to a laptop.
  • It can fit easily under the seat or overhead during travelling.


  • Shoulder straps would be available but not compression straps.

4- MATIN wheeled laptop travel backpack – Best Budgeted

Finding the best travel backpack with wheels but on a budget, the range takes time and effort. But MATIN has made it possible now. It has all the features that an avid traveller can look for in a rolling travel backpack but in a budget range.

MATIN wheeled travel backpack has all you need to fulfil the needs of your journey. One of the best things for which I have included it in the list of best travel backpacks with wheels is that it’s affordable and has multiple features in it that I will also discuss here. Furthermore, this rolling backpack is equally beneficial for college students, or you can also use it for travel or luggage purposes. What’s more exciting is that it has a 36L large main component that will help you store huge clothing options before you travel.

MATIN wheeled laptop travel backpack

I prefer using MATIN because it can hold a laptop of 17 inches as well. Moreover, the zippers are organized so that you can organize your luggage in an easy-to-find way.


  • A lockable metal zipper will help you to protect your luggage in every go.
  • It’s a water-resistance backpack, so you won’t have to worry anymore about the unfortunate experiences of getting damaged.
  • The bag is made of polyester material and metal zippers, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • It comes in a casual and go-to style so that you can use it during vacations, long travels, or business trips.
  • Capable of holding laptops of 17, 15.6, 14, and a 13-inch macbook more securely.
  • A variety of compartments and zipper adjustments will help you to organize your luggage in a way that you can find it easily.
  • It also has side pockets to carry a water bottle and small towels.


  • Plenty of compartments and sections to carry multiple things
  • Affordable yet compatible
  • Sturdy, well made, and easy to use
  • Also had an adjustable handle


  • Wheels might get shaky over time

How to Choose the Best Travel Backpack with Wheels:

So, as I mentioned, some of the best travel backpacks have wheels, but still, if you are worried and want to know which criteria you should look for before choosing a rolling travel bag so that you can get the best buck out of your purchase.

Here is a quick guide to help you make an ultimate decision.

1- Size:

The first thing you should look for before buying any travel backpack is its size. I had met many travellers who had more bags than they needed to carry. Meanwhile, I also noticed some travellers who want to travel for more than 3,4 weeks, but their bag is small enough that they don’t carry all the necessities. That’s why one of the most important things I recommend you to check before buying any travel backpack is its size.

Make sure to check whether it fits your needs or not. You must analyze your needs first and then choose a perfectly matched size.

2- Style And Comfort:

The second most important thing you should check before buying a backpack is its comfort level and style. You never know how long you have to carry your backpack, whether you walk with it or will keep it in one place. That’s why with the size of your backpack, you also have to check the comfort level. It shouldn’t be too heavy that it hurts your back.

Remember, getting a large backpack doesn’t necessarily mean it would be heavy. That’s why don’t mix up the larger bags with more weight. The

3- Material and Durability:

The third most important factor to look for is the material being used in its construction. The checking of used material will also help you to ensure how durable it is.

A backpack made with the perfect material will help you use it over longer periods without worrying about getting damaged. Since I’m telling you to consider durability, I must check whether you need a waterproof backpack or not. Then pick your best travel backpack.

4- Price:

How much you can pay to purchase the best travel backpack with wheels is a matter of choice. You can choose from plenty of price ranges available in the market. So, decide your budget and then pick the best one.

Remember, getting the best travel backpack doesn’t require only high budgets. You can still get the best buck out of your budget if you make a well-researched pick.

Which One is The Best Travel Backpack with Wheels?

So, if you stick with me till the end, then I’m pretty sure that you have got the answer and can now get your best pick. But, if you are still confused, ask me which one is the best travel backpack with wheels. I had experienced all of them, and my needs were the only reason I changed over time. That’s why here I’m telling you two of my top picks.

JanSport and Ospren will be one of the best investments you will ever make in getting the best-wheeled travel backpack. But, if you are concerned about the prices, I recommend buying MATIN. It has all the features you wish for but in a budget range

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