Abu Dhabi


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

A day trip to Abu Dhabi is also a great choice from Dubai if you have the time.  The city is the capital of United Arab Emirates and is responsible for two-thirds of the total economy making this a very wealthy city and where there is money, there are fun places to see and visit.


Seven chandeliers contains millions of Swarovski crystals.

The mosque also contains one of the world’s largest carpets at ~5600 square meters. As the sun sets, I am able to get some spectacular pictures of the outside and interior of the mosque courtyard as the lights come on – I believe this is the best time to really enjoy the architecture and beauty of the mosque.

Please note that women will receive an Abaya as they enter, a traditional dress that includes a hood to cover your hair. Men must wear long pants but can also receive them for free as they enter.


Emirates Palace Hotel at night.

After visiting the mosque, I head to the Emirates Palace Hotel for dinner. This hotel is spectacular and the third largest in the world. Take some time and wander around the hotel and enjoy the large dome past the lobby and all of the grand architecture. On this night, I enjoy some find dining at Mezzaluna, the hotels Italian restaurant. The food, staff, and service were outstanding.

Some recommendations… The city has a hot desert climate so my recommendation is to visit between November and April. Please know and, understand, and respect the local laws and customs. Finally, have a great time – it’s easy to do in such a beautiful city and so many things to do.

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