7 Best Travel Toys For 1 Year Old Kid  

It’s never been easy to travel with toddlers or 1 year old kids as they are just kids now and don’t have any idea what’s happening around them. They are more curious to explore. That’s why if you are a parent who always has to travel with your kid, then travel toys are your partner. Having toys or any activity during travel will be a pleasant experience.

I’m here to help you with a list of the best travel toys for 1-year-old kids so that you won’t have to struggle anymore and enjoy the travel journey at its full.

Without further ado, let’s get a deeper dive into it.

Best Travel Toys for 1 year old kid:

Most of the toys of every kid are often noisy or large enough that they can’t fit into luggage with ease. You can’t either leave these toys at home as your kid will get bored or wouldn’t enjoy the ride. What would you do? YES! The best travel toys for 1 year old kids have got you covered. Being a traveller with my kid, I experienced this difficulty too, so I got some toys for my kid. And to save you from this hassle, I have compiled a list of my top picks for travel toys.

Just read on and pick yours.

1- Melissa along shape sorter baby toy:

Getting toys that don’t only save your kid from getting bored but also helps them to build communication or other skills will ultimately be a choice of any parent. That’s why here I have included Melissa along with a shape sorter baby toy. It is one of the best travel toys for my 1 year old kid I have experienced so far. A Melisa sorter baby toy is not only helping your kid to play with and will create an enriching play experience with a learning activity.

It’s also an early development toy helping a kid’s mental development. It’s just like a padded case with a take-along handle which means you can carry it with ease during longer or shorter travel journeys. Moreover, with 9 textured blocks and 9 shapes, your kid will experience different things at once. The bright and beautiful colour choice will keep the toddler’s interest throughout the journey and help your 1-year-old kid in effortless learning by keeping the interest high.

2- Montessori food grade pull string activity toy:

Montessori food grade is an activity toy that has soft buttons. The raised position of buttons will create curiosity in your mind and excite or encourage your 1 year old kid to press or touch. On both the left and right sides of this travel toy has 1 button and 3 holes that are soft and easy to press. Your kid will slightly press the button, and it will be pushed to another hole. It will be a great learning or activity experience for any kid 1 year old or above.

The brighter colour choice will help improve the baby’s vision, and the educational purpose is to enrich the baby’s mental development. Furthermore, the easy-to-hold grips and texture cords will help your kid to create hand and eye coordination. They are made from 100% non-toxic and safe material, and the funny puller strings have also received approval and various safety certifications. You can easily clean it with warm water. That’s why; Montessori is undoubtedly a more intelligent choice and one of the best travel toys for 1 year old kids to play and develop their minds. Furthermore, its portable size makes it easy to carry and travel by aeroplane, car, or train.

3- Melissa dress up doll activity book:

Melissa has been serving for years with its portable, mind-enriching, and developed toys. That’s why there is no wonder if there is another Melissa product in my list of best travel toys for 1 year old kids. This time, it is an activity book with the inspiration or core idea of what I should wear. It includes a removable doll; your kid must dress it up, and the book has 6 delightful scenes on crinkled pages. What I just loved about this toy is its machine washable entirely, making the cleaning process more manageable.

Moreover, the fun side is that simple text is also written in the book to encourage your kid to read aloud, which will ultimately improve your kid’s conversation or observational skills. More specifically, this doll book includes different occasions. For example, somewhere on the page, “what should I wear for a snowy day, beach trip, or dance” will be written. Your kid will decide on a perfect fit outfit for the suited occasion. What do you say; isn’t it providing a perfect playtime with mind development?

4- Super Z animal style finger puppets:

Finger puppets always remain the best toys for kids; nobody can beat the perfect addition of animal style. That’s why Super Z outlet offers animal-style finger puppets for children. Due to the cute faces, it’s hard not to pick up and not be loved by any kid. The puppets can be fit on any finger as each puppet has an approximate size of 1.77 x 1.77 x 2.56 inch / 4.5 x 4.5 x 7 (L x W x

I had also used these puppets for storytelling, where the fun shadows lightened up my kid’s eyes, and it was one of the most delightful experiences I ever had. Simply you can make your travel or family moments more special with these cute little puppets. Not only a suitable toy for travel, but it is also a must for your kid’s toy bag as it helps to improve the imagination of your child. It’s worth mentioning here that you must keep an eye on your child while playing with it. Because little kids are always curious to take everything in their mouth, and these puppets also have little eyes on them that can cause choking hazards in your baby. Otherwise, they are good to go and the best travel toy for a 1 year old kid.

5- Guolely busy board Montessori toy:

Finding a toy set that creates basic life skills with a more pleasant play time is tricky, but Guolely, busy board Montessori toy, has resolved the concern with its perfect size 25 Montessori toddler activity set. I had used this set for various longer and shorter rides, and what I loved was its sizing. These are the perfect children’s toys with 25 different shapes, colours, jigsaw puzzles, self-dressing, and much more options. All can fit into your little kid’s hands without any hassle, and you can enjoy your time.

The bright colors are enough to grab the attention and interest of every kid. You can also use it as a preschool learning activity. It has a longer life span as each component is made from sturdy material. In short, the Montessori set will create a logical thinking approach in your kid’s mind. It will also help you improve kids’ hand-eye coordination and build color perception with ease. Remember, as all the parts on the busy board were made by keeping the children’s hand size in mind, that’s why if your kid is less than 3 years of age, I recommend keeping an eye on it to save them from the risk of choking.

6- Magnetic travel drawing board:

Almost every kid loves to draw and having a portable drawing board is definitely a blessing for parents while traveling. It can save your child from getting bored and helps you enjoy the ride. That’s why a Magnetic doodle drawing board is one of the best choices for the toy while travelling with a 1 year or old kid. It is made of a high-quality double-coated plastic layer, making it sturdy and durable enough. It doesn’t matter whether your child throws it off or sits on it; the magnetic travel drawing board will not break easily. The edges of the board are sleek and soft enough to prevent your kid from having any potential injury.

It has 96 different and exciting illustrations where the matching cards, shapes, and colours will provide a great learning experience while playing. Undoubtedly, it could be a great way to develop problem-solving skills in your kid. Remember, each learning card will have a different colour, shape, and number, providing full learning content where the card paper is durable enough to last for years. You can also use an extra pen and collaborate with your child; this will be a joyful experience.

7- FUN LITTLE kids beach sand toys:

Are you ready to have your first summer vacation with your child? That’s great, but giving your child a pleasant experience this summer is the ultimate need. That’s why my list of best travel toys for 1 year old kids includes a complete sand toy set. This 19-piece set includes a bucket, beach moulds, a mesh bag, a water wheel, and 6 beach tool kits that enhance your child’s creativity.

Furthermore, the set is made of durable plastic and vibrant colours, so you can get durability, creativity, and imagination in your kid all at once. The material is always soft and non-toxic, so it’s entirely safe for your child. I just loved its mesh bag, which provided enough convenience to store and carry the set simultaneously. Undoubtedly, it made the organization easier on a beach or elsewhere.

The Bottom Line:

Wrapping up the discussion with a note that it’s highly recommended not to use tablets, IPads, or screen time. We highly encourage you to save your kid from all these until he gets 2+. To increase your kid’s productivity, you must rely on some innovative toys that help his mental and physical growth.

I hope this guide has created value in yours, and you must get your pick. Do write what you would get for your child and your experience with it in the comment section. I would love to hear.


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