4 Best Tent Stakes of 2024 (Packable And Lightweight)


It doesn’t matter how expensive your tent is; you need the best tent stakes to get a good camping experience. 

I’m an avid camper and have spent several years doing so. However, many times my experience with snow stakes could be better. Finding the best tent peg or snow stakes for sand and snow is daunting.

No more worries; I will list the 4 best tent stakes to help you make a well-informed choice.

Best Tent Stakes For Your Needs:

While camping, you never know when the weather will turn into a sudden intense rainstorm, and soft ground can be rocky. 

However, choosing the right type of tent stake will help you ensure that your tent stays up, no matter the weather condition.

So, read on to find the high quality and best ultralight tent stakes from my experience to make your camping trip worthwhile. 

  1. MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit – Best Overall
  2. Big Agnes Dirt Dagger UL Tent Stakes
  3. Tialero Tent Stake with Hammer (Complete Set of 12)
  4. Coleman Steel (Best Tent Stake for Car Camping)

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit – Best Overall

MSR undoubtedly has the best tent stakes on the market, and their Groundhog set of tent stakes is worthy enough to give you the best backpacking experience.

I just loved the y-beam design of these tent stakes, making them highly adjustable to various soil types. Furthermore, these were lightweight tent stakes but rugged enough as they were made with sturdy aluminum.

It’s worth stating that MSR Groundhogs have a shorter length resulting in easier installation even with a hand or foot that won’t bend or come out of the ground. 


  • Each stake is 6 to 7 inches long.
  • It has to pull loops for easier removal.
  • 6 individuals set of stakes
  • The weight of each stake is around 0.35 ounces.
  • Made with 7000-series aluminum.
  • Y-beam design for superior penetration and easier pull-out.


  • Superior holding power
  • Lightweight stakes
  • Super easy to use
  • Don’t flex under pressure
  • Durable


  • Bit uncomfortable to push on the ground

Big Agnes Dirt Dagger UL Tent Stakes (Best Holding Power)

Regarding the most innovative stake into the ground, it’s hard to find the alternative except big Agnes. 

What makes this backpacking tent stake stand out from others is its unique size. We all know most stakes come in 2 shapes; either V or Y. However, Big Agnes has the kind of T shape stakes providing an excellent grip and holding power. 

With that, you can even consider these stakes as lightweight. However, it is a little lighter.

So, if you plan to go on a car camping trip on loose sand or soft soil, I would not recommend picking Big Agents aluminum stakes – go for the other options on the list. 


  • I-beam construction makes it the strongest yet lightweight stake. 
  • The weight of each stake is 1.67.
  • It has a bright color and an anodized finish for easier identification.
  • A cord loop pulls to help you quickly release the stake from even hard ground.
  • The length of each tent stake is around 10 inches however, you can also get it in 7 or 6 inches.


  • Easy to clean and reuse once pulled out
  • Strong and durable design
  • Compared to the size, these are lightweight


  • More work to get the stake into the ground
  • It will get loose over time – you must strictly check it

Tialero Tent Stake with Hammer (Set of 12)

If you are a professional camper, you prefer getting a complete set to set up your camping tent easily. 

So, another best tent stake for backpacking on the list is Tialero, where the bulk quantity of stakes is enough to meet your needs. Furthermore, the stakes are the strongest on my list because they can easily withstand various environments. For example, beaches, meadows, snow, grassland, and forests. 

However, it is also a hook stake to pull it from the ground quickly. 


  • A set of 12 stakes with a hammer.
  • The weight of each stake is around 4.7oz.
  • Each stack also has a fluorescent rubber ring making it more visible in dark environments. 
  • The hammerhead is multifunctional and is made of quality steel.
  • A fixed belt is attached to the hammer to protect against accidental falling.


  • Work best on rocky or hard surfaces
  • Durable and resistant to bending or breaking
  • Equally suitable against softer, stony, or gravelly grounds
  • Strong and long enough to hold in windy conditions


  • Not suitable if you’re seeking the lightest tent stake

Coleman Steel (Best Tent Stake for Car Camping)

Coleman 10 Inch Steel Nail Tent Pegs, 4-Pack

Tent stakes are great for any camping backpacking trip. However, people need help to beat the Coleman steel stakes when it comes to car camping. 

This is the most budget-friendly tent peg I have ever owned and has truly worth my search for the most solid set of stakes. I have been using it since long ago and haven’t noticed any scratches. 

However, the top of these stakes are made of plastic, and plastic stakes are typically less durable than the rest. With that, Coleman will give you the best bang for your buck until you look for the stake to dig in 20 feet. If anything goes up, it does not work. 


  • Unique L shape stake that can easily be bent even with a bare hand.
  • It is a 10 to 12 inches long stake.
  • The height of each stake is around 0.8 inches.
  • Steel tent stakes are heavy and even twice the size.
  • The metal nail is sturdy enough not to bend or break even when it hits stronger.


  • Easier to glide on the ground
  • Strong metal
  • Easy to use
  • Large in size


  • Hard to remove, especially from hard surfaces

So, Which Tent Stake Has the Best Bang For Your Buck?

In conclusion, all these were the best tent stakes available on the market. However, if you still need clarification, ask me which one will be the best on the market.

Coleman Tent Stakes

Are best for any budget-oriented person. And MSR groundhog tent stakes are lightweight enough to secure your tent.

Furthermore, you must analyze your needs first and then choose the stakes for your tent from the abovementioned list, as all are best.

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